November 2, 2016

Social Media Advertising / Facebook & Instagram

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great ways to target people who you know will turn into paying customers! You can target for example a 30 year old male/female or both, who live in Leeds, West Yorkshire and are interested in the gym – If your business sells gym clothes, gym equipment or supplements then this is the person you want to target not the 90 year old who likes knitting.

There are hundreds of different demographic combinations and our job is to find what works and make your business profit from them. We constantly optimise your ads for maximum performance and ROI, inline with the other internet marketing solutions we create.

Facebook Advertising (including Instagram)

Pound for pound, Facebook’s advertising platform (and also Instagram) is the most cost effective and powerful way to reach your audience full stop. Regardless of your business there is no limits to the objective’s we can create for your business whether its product awareness, to drive leads, promote video or increase sales. Our ability to target an audience with amazing ad creatives is second to none.

With constant developments of the Facebook advertising platform, they allow us to track events through their monitoring pixel, meaning we can create a really bespoke audience for granular targeting which over time becomes valuable. Many large agencies will not even know this exists.

Couple the above with a super charged product data feed and you could see the lowest cost per conversions ever.

Case Study

We have a customer who turned over £66,800 in January 2019. £37,800 of this was generated through our Facebook and Instagram campaigns at a cost of £6,200 in advertising spend.

Twitter Advertising

We design Twitter Ads objective based campaigns designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. We create campaigns tailored for a variety of business goals, from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness.

People on Twitter love to discover interesting content and take part in enthusiastic conversations. We place your best content in front of the audience that matters to you, at the time it will be most effective.

Over 80% of Twitter’s users are on mobile and they’re looking for apps to download. In fact, Twitter users have used 24% more apps in the past day than the average smartphone owner.**