November 2, 2016

Google Advertising

Pay Per Click Google Advertising

Pay per click is exactly what it says on the tin, you pay every time someone clicks on your advert.

We use Google Adwords for our campaigns, Google based Adwords is the biggest and most flexible pay per click platform in the world with millions of users searching keywords everyday aside from that it allows you to really track your return of investment and make sure your ad budget is going into the right area. We set up your account and ads, do constant keyword research, test your ads and optimize your pay per click to bring your budget costs down and your clicks up.

Pay per click can be more effective than SEO, we can get you new leads straight away due to your ads showing up on the first page of Google almost instantly as opposed to the 2-12 months ‘organic’ route of SEO.


Normally only 2% of your customers convert a lead or a sale on their first visit to your website, remarketing brings the 98% of unconverted customers back by showing them retargetied ads through the Google Display Network and social media websites such as Facebook.

Imagine we create your company an online store selling clothes, a customer visits your website via one of the ads we had set up for you and they spend most of their time looking at men’s t-shirts. Normally if they leave your website they would most likely forget about your business, however through retargeting when they leave the site, your ads about men’s t-shirts will be displayed across websites they next look at, this is critical in bringing them back to your website to actually make a purchase.

Through our data driven product feeds we can even show the exact item the potential customer looked at while they were on your website.

Re-marketing is a must if you’re serious about converting your potential customers into paying customers.

Google Shopping

What was once a free side line on a Google tab, is now a fully integrated element of the Google search results, and an absolute must for anyone with an e-commerce business. This is now a complex, but seriously powerful tool for any e-commerce business. Like many other aspect of Google products, done poorly, you will get little and be left behind by your competitors. Done correctly, it is a vital part of any e-commerce marketing campaign delivering measurable results on a daily basis.