November 2, 2016

Email Marketing

If you want to re-engage with your customers and profit from it, then email marketing is for you.

We create sign up and data capture forms on your website that help you build a massive client list. Managing your email list is a breeze, we use tools such as Mailchimp and Aweber to set up pre defined email days. When you get a new subscriber there will be designated emails to go out to them so you have an automated email campaign, with minimal input on your behalf.

We also run bespoke, off schedule mailshots to keep your visitors engaged with ad-hoc news.

<h1>Email Automation</h1>

We are also equipped to create automated email campaigns. Often if you have content you wish to drip feed to your customer, email automation allows you to combat content with a softer approach. We can even integrate this with our ecommerce solutions, offering similar matched products to your customers by email after a purchase.